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How It Works

Drop off the gear that you want to sell during one of the designated drop off times below- You put a price on it. If the items sells during the event, you will get a check for 80% off the selling price value within 2 weeks after the event. Or, see Below on the “Back for 2024” 100% in-store Credit Option. This is a consumer swap and max number of items that can be dropped off are 10 per customer.

100% Option for in-store credit

As an alternative for getting 80% of the selling price back via a check, customer can opt for a 100% in-store credit option. This means that customer would receive 100% of the used item sale price value as an in-store credit at Buckeye Sports Center. This credit will be applied to an in-store account that is valid from October 14th through November 22nd. Customer needs to decide upon item drop off if they opt for the 80% check option or the 100% in-store credit option. Customer will receive an email with copy of the account credit on or before October 14th (or, no later than October 17th) that can be used beginning the date that they receive the email.

Items that ARE allowed to be resold

Only Pre-Owned Gear. Items taken include skis, snowboards (bindings preferred), clothing outerwear (ski jackets or ski pants- must be clean!), ski poles (with baskets only), ski or snowboard boots (good condition- no broken buckles or laces or worn soles). Accessories such as goggles, gloves, ski bags or ski tubes are allowed.

Items NOT allowed to be resold

Anything unrelated to skiing or snowboarding, Loose Snowboard Bindings, Helmets, Cross Country Skis with 3 Pin Binding, Skis with Non Indemnified Bindings (typically this is for skis with bindings that are 12+ years old- we have a list to show what bindings are allowed), any broken or unusable gear, base layer clothing, or unclean jackets or pants.

When can I drop off my gear to sell?

It is recommended to drop off your gear on or before September 29th for best chance of selling the product during the sale. Weekday drop-off recommended. Drop-Off Times Listed Below.

Weekend 1

– Tuesday, September 26th – 12pm-8pm

– Wednesday, September 27th – 9:00am-8pm

– Thursday, September 28th – 9:00am-8pm

– Friday, September 29th – 9:00am-11am

– Saturday, September 30th – 10am-11am

– Sunday, October 1st – 11am-12pm

Weekend 2

– Monday, October 2nd – 9:00am-8pm

– Tuesday, October 3rd – 9:00am-8pm

– Wednesday, October 4th – 9:00am-8pm

– Thursday, October 5th – 9:00am-8pm

– Friday, October 6th – 9:00am-8pm

 How do I know if my items have sold?

You will be assigned a ticket number for each item that you enter into the swap. There will be a website that will be updated daily with what ticket numbers sold the previous day.

View Sold Swap Items Here

When can I pick up unsold merchandise?

Unsold merchandise can only be picked up on the below dates. We have added “After 1st Weekend” Pickup Times if you don’t wish to try to sell merchandise over the entire 10 day sale. Items that are not picked up will be donated. Be sure to bring your ticket with you! Pick-Up Times Listed Below.

After Weekend 1

– Sunday, October 1st – 4pm-5pm

– Monday, October 2nd – 9:30am-8pm

After Weekend 2

– Sunday, October 8th – 4pm-5pm

– Monday, October 9th – 9:30am-8pm

– Tuesday, October 10th – 9:30am-8pm